1. void fl_alert(const char *fmt, ...)

2. int fl_ask(const char *fmt, ...)

3. int fl_choice(const char*fmt,const char *b0,const char *b1,const char *b2,...)

int fl_color_chooser(const char* name, double& r, double& g, double& b)
int fl_color_chooser(const char* name, uchar& r, uchar& g, uchar& b)

5. fl_input
Include Files : #include
Prototype : const char *fl_input(const char *label, const char *deflt = 0, ...)
Description :
Pops up a window displaying a string, lets the user edit it, and return the new value. The cancel button returns NULL. The returned pointer is only valid until the next time fl_input() is called. Due to back-compatability, the arguments to any printf commands in the label are after the default value.

6. fl_message
void fl_message(const char *fmt, ...)

7. fl_show_colormap

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